Car review, you will be reimbursed for all the money spent: run and apply immediately

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Car inspection is essential if you want to circulate on your vehicle, without running the risk of getting hefty fines or even having the vehicle confiscated.

Car review
Car Review – Engines.

By all it is seen as a very expensive procedure, however much it may be it is mandatory so you don’t have a choice, it has to be done.

The government authorities have decided to support these costs with economic funds that go directly to the protection of the citizen. They will soon go to support through the aid decree that was designed and put into practice in recent years.

State aid from 2023

The help for the payment of the MOT comes right along with the various bonuses such as the petrol bonus and the benefits that allow you to buy electric cars and much more. As for the review, the bonus comes to deal with the various price increases that not all Italians are managing to deal with.

Italian families have found themselves in difficulty since last year, in fact many of these have no longer been able to pay the inspection, insurance or car tax due to the price increases and have chosen to keep the car in the garage or in the driveway, without risking fines.

Then obviously there are those who are very little interested in the law, so they choose to use the vehicles even if they are not properly insured or inspected. But why risk so much if the State has decided to help taxpayers? Simply inquire and request what is due by right.

How much does it cost to carry out an inspection and how to get the state discount

Now you have to pay €78 per vehicle to carry out an MOT. Until before the crisis, they paid €66 on average. Now those who have more cars and need economic aid can get it the bonus as long as they have to carry out the review for three years starting in November 2021.

To request the bonus, they must connect via the spid and indicate the vehicle’s license plate, the date of the last revision, the IBAN code with the owner’s data and the email address for any communications.

Then you need a copy of the last paid review and that’s it, you just have to wait for the economic aid to arrive. All those who have more means must choose only one of these to take advantage of the discount.

The bonus is not valid for new cars, because the first inspection starts from the fourth year after the registration of the vehicle.

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