The man does not stop at the traffic light, the police pull him over and notice a strange thing in the trunk

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Not stopping at the traffic light can have far from trivial consequences. This was certainly understood by a man who, following his gesture, was stopped by police officers and had to pay a hefty fine, but that’s not all.

He discovers something in the trunk – Motori.News

As they served on the street, the police noticed a car that had completely ignored the red light deciding to pass by not respecting the law.

As a result, they started a pursuit. After reaching the car and pulling it over, the officers first issued a very high fine, then checked the vehicle and realized that in the trunk the man was carrying something absurd.

A Peugeot doesn’t stop at a red light and here’s what happens

The protagonist car of the facts is an old Peugeot, which following the checks carried out by the Police was found to be completely uninsured and without a coupon. Moreover, she had already been stopped previously by the agents who they had also subjected her to seizure.

The consequences have been quite serious for the motorist who will now have to give up the car and pay the fines if he wants to get it back sooner or later. But that’s not all because as if that weren’t enough following a check of the vehicle, i cops have made an incredible stunt.

Here’s what the cops found in the trunk of the car

Generally the agents go to find weapons, stolen goods, illegal material. Instead, the gimmick of the evening left everyone amazed and perhaps even a little amused.

In the trunk of the car, there was a healthy sheep, alive and well, something amazing. The driver and his passenger explained that they had bought it legally and wanted to take it home. In reality it is not known what the truth is, because the animal could also have been stolen.

For the transport of the sheep the agents they couldn’t do anything, but in-depth checks will have to be carried out, in fact investigations have started in this regard aimed at clarifying the situation.

The police immediately issued a statement via social media to notify the community of the find and invite the real owners, from whom the sheep may have been stolen, to come forward and identify it using the numbers associated with it.

Investigations have been underway for a month which have so far led to nothing, the version of the man driving the Peugeot who continues to claim that he bought it legitimately could in fact be true.

The facts took place in England in Liechtenstein.