Cork on the dashboard of the car, try it – the pattern will amaze you

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It will seem absurd to you, but now we explain why you should keep a cork on the dashboard of your car. You will be speechless

Cork on the dashboard
Cork on dashboard – Engines.

Associate the Cork to the car is certainly not a usual thing. We are used to seeing it as the symbol of great celebrations, especially among those who decide to uncork a nice bottle of sparkling wine and keep the cork as a reminder of the event.

There is not only this, however, because, precisely because of the material they are made of, cork stoppers can also be useful for decidedly surprising purposes. We know several home remedies that concern it and we won’t stay here to list them all: rather we want to talk to you about how it could be useful for you in your car.

The miraculous “properties” of cork stoppers: goodbye bad smells in the car

Due to their conformation, cork stoppers can help you nto absorb and eliminate bad smells present in the car. For this reason it is sometimes used to keep one inside the refrigerator, so as to absorb any unpleasant smell, and you could do the same in the car by acting as we will explain to you now.

dirty car
dirty car –

Get a cork stopper and cut it in half. On the two ends that you have obtained you can add at this point someessential oil of your favorite aroma. Store them inside the car’s glove compartment or, if you have a useful place, even on the dashboard so as to always have a clean, perfumed and odor-proof environment.

For this method to work, however, we recommend that you prepare several caps and, in turn, several halves. This is because the effect lasts for two to three days, then it is advisable to change the cap to keep this work going.

So the best thing is to have one nice stock of caps because the cork, together with the essential oil that you are going to apply, has the incredible ability to absorb any bad smell in the car, helping you in the meantime to make it smell as you wish. Even if the immediate effect wears off very soon, preparing a good amount of corks to wet with your favorite oil you will have a continuous replacement indefinitely.

Another precaution you should take is to…clean the car. That’s right, if the interior of your car were too dirty not even cork can work miracles: especially when it comes to earth accumulated over time which, combined with humidity, can contribute to the formation of decidedly unpleasant odors every time you enter the car .

Corks –

Clean the car like new you can finally proceed with this innovative method, without buying the expensive saplings which, within a few weeks, will already change. This way you have a homemade, cheap, easy to prepare and use and above all completely customizable alternative: just choose your favorite essential oils.