What’s the use of rubbing an onion on the windshield? Only the most experienced do it all the time

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When you are out and about on the road, you often see incredible oddities, for example you can even find someone busy rubbing onion on the windshield of their car.

Onion on the windshield
Onion on the windshield -Motori.news

The onion is generally used at home, especially in the kitchen to prepare delicious recipes, to prepare first and second courses, it is tasty, its presence is practically inevitable because it gives that extra flavor to all the dishes you are going to cook.

Over the years it has become indispensable and indispensable, if you use it to rub it on the windshield of the car, it suddenly takes on the same importance, just seeing is believing.

That’s why many people rub the onion on the glass of the car

Rubbing the onion on the car and in particular on the windshield can be useful especially in winter, in areas where it often snows or ice forms on the road or on surfaces.

It can be a perfect solution for all those who are forced to clean the driveway by removing the snow before leaving the house to then move on with the machine after having thoroughly defrosted it, having just got out of bed.

This is the most appropriate and suitable solution to adopt and try especially if you don’t have a covered shelter for your car, a garage or something similar or if you don’t have a sheet at home to place on it.


How to use the onion spread on the windshield and what are the consequences

To limit the problems and inconveniences commercial remedies can also be used which in some cases cost too much and don’t always work, or do-it-yourself remedies such as the onion which does not require any expense.

The remedy below allows you to prevent the ice from taking root on the glass of the machine in just a few seconds. So just cut the onion and immediately arrange to rub it on the glass. This releases a sticky substance which acts as a protection and which creates a sort of protective film that makes the snow and ice slide.

So very little will be enough in the morning, even in the coldest hours of the morning, to remove ice from the glass which will only be superficial. Just start the car, start the wipers and drive away.

Anyone who doesn’t have onions at home can get the same result simply by using potatoes. Once you try this experiment you become addicted, especially if you work etci often find themselves in these unpleasant situations.