“George Clooney rear-ended me” the absurd story of this girl: the ending is incredible

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An incredible story was told to Radio Deejay by a listener, who wanted to share a paradoxical event with everyone, a rear-end collision with George Clooney.

George Clooney accident
George Clooney accident – ​​Motors.News

Radio Deejay as we know it is among the most listened to radio stations in Italy, because it benefits from incredibly entertaining, exceptional speakers, such as the Trio Medusa which has always attracted the interest and curiosity of many listeners, with features such as Chiamate Roma triuno triuno.

The listener, Serena di Valdobbiadene, yesterday chose to call the radio to tell an incredible story that doesn’t actually concern her personally, which has to do with a colleague who she was rear-ended by a chauffeured high-powered car belonging to George Clooney.

The absurd accident in which Mrs. Serena’s friend found herself involved without having any responsibilities or faults

According to the woman’s stories, the car in question would have been in such a hurry that it had to run away as soon as responsibilities were clarified, leaving its data and then leaving in a hurry.

The buffered friend told of suddenly collided with a dark sedan that due to his haste he probably hadn’t even seen it coming, having hit it at speed obviously causing major damage to his vehicle.

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Here’s what happened after a week

After the impact, only one driver got out of the car in a suit and tie who immediately apologized admitting he was wrong. Probably someone was sitting in the back seats, but the woman was unable to see or glimpse because the windows of the car were dark.

Once responsibilities were clarified, the woman left the references of the dealership where she bought the car he would have to take it in for repairs because it has a workshop and bodywork.

After a week the car hadn’t been brought because she hadn’t had time, when suddenly the phone call came from the dealership informing her that the car was ready to be picked up.

So the woman rushed to the dazed workshop, only to discover that waiting for her was a car identical to hers, brand new with a bouquet of flowers inside and a note that read “I’m sorry for what happenedI hope you will forgive me signed George Clooney”.

Obviously this story is absurd, but it is 100% true, the woman in question has provided all the details of the case. As made-up stories as they may seem, hundreds of them can be found on the web because apparently famous people are often involved in such incidents that perhaps do not have these implications.