Window, always leave a draft open when you refuel: the reason is absurd

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The increases in the price of petrol have returned to weigh on Italians. The stop to the cut of excise duties was not a minor blow. Millions of people, therefore, are increasingly looking for news and information to try to save as much petrol as possible. Some small driving tricks can make us consume less. In this article we find out how to best use the window in reference to petrol consumption. Here’s everything you need to know on this topic.


Discount on excise duties eliminated from January 1st. This is the news that has sent millions of Italians into a rage. In a time of crisis and of price increases in fact, in every sector, returning to paying more for petrol than in previous months has certainly not pleased motorists. Is there, however, a method to guarantee you a small fuel saving? Let’s figure out how to use the window to the fullest.

Starting this week, the Meloni government has tried to “fix” the situation linked to expensive fuel with a decree very important. In fact, to limit the speculation of some petrol stations on the price of fuel, it was decided that all distributors will have to provide information on average list prices. A law on transparency that will avoid speculation in the last period.

In addition, you will be guaranteed a petrol bonus of 200 euros – at the discretion of the company – to all private sector employees. These measures will make it possible to mitigate the outlay of money for many Italians.

There are many solutions to consume as little petrol as possible. Among these, the windows of your car also have an important game. Do you know how to best use these elements? Here’s everything you need to know to go to the gas station as late as possible to fill up with fuel.

Car window: here’s how to best use it to save petrol in every situation

Have one regular driving style, without sudden accelerations and braking, it is an always valid method to guarantee a lower fuel consumption. However, this style of driving is often not always possible. In city traffic, for example, braking and restarting is the practice. In this circumstance could play a key role correct use of the window, especially at certain times of the year. What are we referring to? Here are all the details.

Window down
Window down: that’s when you need to implement this move to save petrol – Motori.News

Driving speed also affects fuel consumption. If you travel on the motorway at 130 km/h or 110 km/h, the situation is very different. If you reduce your speed, you will certainly arrive at your destination later, but you will also consume less petrol. And Does the window down or up affect fuel consumption? Absolutely yes! Let’s see how to best use it, depending on the various situations.

The general rule is that by increasing the speed, having the window down can have a heavy impact on fuel consumption. The latter will be greater, since the friction will slow down the car making us push more with our foot on the accelerator pedal. If you are traveling on a country road at high speed, it will be advisable to roll up the windows.

However, there is a case in which traveling with the window down will be more convenient. In summer, the suffocating heat can lead us to turn on the air conditioning every moment, in order to have fresh air inside the car. In city traffic, however, it is more convenient to turn off the air conditioning and open the window. To this move, it will be necessary to match the turning on of the fan.

For short journeys, you will be able to sweat little with this double action – window down and fan on – and you will save about 10% of gasoline compared to turning on the air conditioning. In this particular situation, therefore, we advise you to roll down the window while driving. At high speeds, on the other hand, as previously mentioned, it is necessary to always pull on this element.