Goodbye registration certificate, if you make this mistake they will take everything away from you: be careful

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The registration certificate is a fundamental document, because it allows you to circulate on your own vehicle without risking fines or even more serious consequences in the event of a checkpoint.

Goodbye registration certificate
Goodbye registration certificate – Engines.

If you are stopped by the police, you must show your driving licence, vehicle registration certificate and vehicle insurance in order to demonstrate that you are in order.

Forgetting a small detail that has to do with this document, it can cost dearly in some special conditions.

Vehicle registration certificate, is it mandatory to change residence on the document? Let’s try to clarify this doubt

For example, many ask themselves, if one changes residence, it is mandatory to communicate for the change of the data on the documents for example on the registration certificate? Someone already knows the answer because maybe they have found themselves in the situation.

Others don’t know it. The answer is not trivial so imagining it is not easy. Details were introduced in 2020 that made life for motorists easier than we think.

Changes have been made to the Highway Code, with article 49 paragraph 5 it was established that the residence must no longer be communicated by the person concerned to start the changes to the registration certificate.

Once 180 days have passed from the communication to the municipality for the change of residence, the update takes place automatically, because the data is communicated directly by one’s own municipality.

So the motorist, or the applicant only needs to download the certificate by connecting to the motorist’s portal, logging in via spid. All simpler and faster than you might think.

In the event of police checks, it will be enough to show the registration certificate and the document downloaded online to solve the problem and get out of any trouble.

If, on the other hand, you should own more than one vehicle, when requesting a change of residence in the municipality, it is necessary to show both the license plate number of the vehicles in one’s name and the data of one’s driving licence.


What you risk if you do not change your residence on the vehicle registration certificate in your own name

If you do not change your residence, requesting it at the moment from the municipality, according to what is established in article 94 paragraph 4.6, you risk getting a fine ranging from €363 to €1,813.

For any doubts about the matter or to ask for any other explanation and clarification, just connect to the Motorist portal site or call the toll-free number 8232323.

Finally, remember that the highway code is constantly updated, so if you don’t want to risk bitter, serious and serious consequences, it is always better to inquire.