Fiat 500, €5500 off all for you: hurry up and request it

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The new discounts have begun to buy the iconic and beautiful Fiat 500: here’s how much you can save by taking advantage of the incentives

Discount on the Fiat 500 – Motori.News

There Fiat 500 is one of the indisputable icons of the Italian car brand. The historic utility vehicle of the Turin company made its debut in 1936 with the historic “Topolino”: since then it has seen the production of four different models up to the one in vogue since 2007 with its derivatives.

Loved by everyone, especially among those who are used to moving around the city, due to its compact size, an exclusive interior design and in any case the prestige of a brand that presents itself2020 is also the time for the Fiat 500 to look to the future, with a fully electric model.

The promotion we want to tell you about in this article concerns the version Hybrids, which makes it possible to exploit both conventional combustion and an electrical part. Thanks to the latest eco-incentives issued by the government, buying the Italian manufacturer’s Mild-Hybrid could be more convenient than ever.

Fiat 500 Hybrid: discounts of up to 5500 euros, here’s how to take advantage of them

Let’s talk about 70 horsepower 1.0 engine which would have a starting list price of 17,800 euros. Thanks to the eco-incentives you can receive immediately discount of up to 2,000 euros as part of the Fiat Superscrapping initiativeactive in case you scrap a vehicle owned for at least twelve months and that meets the legal directives.

Fiat 500 Hybrid
Fiat 500 Hybrid –

To these you must add later 2,000 euros of incentives of state origin and one more decrease of 1500 euros if you choose to adhere to the loan called Contribution Price. In summary, therefore, the maximum discount allows you to buy your Fiat 500 Hybrid at a price of “only” 12300 euros, with an advance set at 2800 euros and 60 monthly installments of 129 euros each. The TAN is 6.99% and the APR is 9.86%.

At the end of the financing you must consider the maxi installment of 5384.77 euros further extendable if you intend to keep the vehicle: otherwise, remember that you cannot exceed 75,000 kilometers under penalty of payment of 50 euro cents for each additional kilometer travelled.

The big plus it is to be identified precisely in the installments, which remain rather low and then allow you to choose what to do in the end, especially if you are aware that you will not travel many kilometers by car.

Fiat 500 Hybrid interior
Fiat 500 Hybrid interior –

The downside it mostly concerns the advance, which is not exactly cheap, but it is a small expense that precisely allows you to reduce the installments for a total loan of 5 years. In short, it is not a wedding, but we are close to it.

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