Car warning light, no one had ever seen this one: if it comes on, you start to worry

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Car warning lights generally indicate a mechanical malfunction that must be checked and resolved immediately, so as not to aggravate the situation and not to risk having to spend much more money than you think.

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In general, motorists know the main car warning lights, i.e. those that always come on, which indicate small things, while they ignore the others which, however, once underestimated can become a serious problem.

One of the car lights that we are going to pay attention to now is the anti-particulate one, which can also turn on for no reason and not necessarily to indicate a serious malfunction.

A particular light can indicate a serious problem or nothing in particular, here’s how to behave correctly to avoid damage

It may happen that this light comes on while driving, for no reason and then goes off while continuing to drive, in this case there is no need to be alarmed or do anything.

To the utmost if you often use the car for travel or work and you want to be calm, you can request an appropriate check from your trusted mechanic. Alternatively it can be kept under control the behavior of the vehicle and evaluate any interventions. lights

FAP alarm, what is the risk?

When the particle filter alarm appears, which is used to purify the vehicle exhaust, you have to make some attempts to understand if it goes off immediately by itself and in this case it means that everything is under control, or if it stays on and therefore you need to intervene.

According to some, this filter is not important, according to someone else, i.e. those who care about health and the environment, it is fundamental. Some even choose to remove it, going against the law, To have no problems.

Regardless of what your opinion is, you should always check it and carry out the required maintenance, because it serves to ensure that the machine does not pollute the environment and those who circulate within it do not breathe toxic substances.

It may happen that the light has come on for no reason, so you can try to verify that it is this to keep the car between 2,000 and 3,500 rpm.

If the auto warning light does not go off, keeping the high gears, the situation becomes serious and complicated, so it may be that there is a breakdown and that the filter is clogged and all that remains is to go to the workshop, spending quite high but fundamental figures.

If you postpone the check you risk spending much more or even finding yourself without a car.

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