No to the engine running when you refuel, if you make a mistake it’s your business: destroy everything

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When you refuel, you always have to pay attention to small details that may seem trivial at first, but which in reality can have serious consequences on the vehicle.

Petrol with the engine running
Petrol with the engine running – Motori.News

For example, there are some motorists who keep the car engine running when they fill up with petrol, while still others turn it off immediately.

To date it is difficult to say which of the two behaviors is wrong. That’s why now we will try to clarify these doubts and solve the dilemma once and for all.

What can cause this behavior

Leaving the car engine running while refueling is not recommended. Obviously you are free to do so, because everything could also go smoothly, but you are not sure. For which you have to take into account the details that can make the difference.

Experts say that the engine should always be turned off for compliance with safety rulesIndeed, many petrol stations require you to turn off your vehicle as soon as you get to the pump.

This is recommended behavior to do prevention but it is not always respected.

Petrol cars and diesel cars, what happens if you leave the engine running while you refuel

As far as petrol cars are concerned, if they are left with the engine running, there is a risk of explosions. due to the high flammability of the fuel.

It happens that the vapor from gasoline increases much more than any other type of fuel, so suddenly it can also start a fire.

As for the diesel engine, if left running while refueling, it causes the formation of foam, so as soon as the fuel comes into contact with high temperatures, it can even lead to an explosion.

In the past, many refueled with the engine running because as soon as the operator went to disconnect the pump to place it in its place and then collect the collection, motorists fled without paying.

Today there is no reason to leave the engine running because with the arrival of self-service and video surveillance systems this danger no longer exists.

While leaving the engine running to run away once you have finished refueling, you are caught by the cameras with which you can easily trace the license plate and therefore the owner of the vehicle. Consequently, to avoid problems and risks of any kind, it is advisable to switch off the engine and refuel in total safety.