Highway Code, 1600 euro fine if you have this in your car: always stay close to the wheel

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The highway code is constantly evolving, for this reason all those who move daily by car and on any other means should inform themselves to avoid committing infractions that can lead to very serious consequences.

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Not all motorists they know the rules imposed by the highway code or are adequately informed. For example, not everyone knows that when you buy a car, it is true that it becomes your property but that doesn’t mean being able to do whatever you want.

Any vehicle must be used in an appropriate manner on all roads because of the Highway Code in Italy he is so rigid and does not admit ignorance or disinformation, so he does not give discounts to anyone.

Changes made to the vehicle, this is what the Highway Code says

All modifications made to the vehicle must be homologated, to obtain homologation you must contact the motorisation workshop or purchase an homologated piece during the sale phase.

You can’t decide to remove or to add components to the car which must remain practically intact, faithful to the factory conditions.

For example, the headlights cannot be modified, the colors must be defined as either white or yellow as for the front ones, while the rear ones must be red. On the other hand, the turn signal light must be yellow or orange.

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What many motorists do without knowing that they run a very specific and serious risk

Many people in recent years have seen fit to remove the particulate filter, or the DPF, which is mandatory on diesel cars, has been installed for at least 20 years and serves to retain fine particles by reducing pollution.

The dust released by the car is dangerous for humans because once inhaled they remain in the lungs, thus causing serious illness. This is why this is a fundamental component both for human health and for the environment that surrounds us.

Among other things, it needs frequent maintenance, it is not enough that it is mounted, it must be checked and cleaned periodically because if the filter is clogged it damages the engine and is practically ineffective as if it weren’t there.

Many people choose to delete it because the cost of maintenance is too high and not everyone can afford to periodically support it. Unfortunately, however, we must be aware of the fact that if the agents verify his presence at a check and realize that in reality he is not there, a fine of €1600 will be triggered.

That’s why it’s better to avoid being smart and agree to submit the filter and therefore the car to basic maintenance work.

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