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When a light comes on on the dashboard of your car, many people literally panic. In many cases, however, these signals can be simple contacts or normal presences when the engine is started. In other cases, however, the warning light can really signal the presence of an anomaly. How to understand if the car is really in danger? Let’s find out all the information on a particular warning light concerning the brakes. Here’s everything you need to know.

Brake light
Brake warning light – Motori.News

When you turn on the ignition and then the car engine, it is normal for all the warning lights to come on on the dashboard. After a few seconds, however, the correct functioning of each element presupposes that they turn off. Sometimes, though, that’s not the case. One or more warning lights may stay on for a few more seconds, or stay on permanently. What to do?

Each warning light is different and informs about a possible anomaly concerning a specific part of your car. They can report problems with the engine, fuel tank, sub-optimal oil level and much more. Today we are going to focus on the turning on of a particular warning light. We are referring to that of the brakes.

It is of Red and presents a circle with an exclamation mark inside. In most cases, this indicator is absolutely nothing to worry about. Indeed, it comes on when the handbrake is engaged. Thus, it represents a simple information about this important inserted accessory.

The handbrake is always recommended to be engaged when parking the car, regardless of the slope of the road. But what if this light stays on even when the car is moving? Here are all the details on this topic.

Brake warning light, here’s everything you need to know to avoid any problems

Sometimes it can happen to start your car and forget to lower the handbrake. The car could start anyway, but it is an absolutely inadvisable move to avoid causing breakdowns due to this oversight. The handbrake warning light will not go out and you will be informed of your forgetfulness.

Brake light
Brake warning light: that’s when you need to worry – Motori.News

But what happens if this warning light should stay on on the dashboard without the handbrake engaged? If you have released the handbrake and are driving normally as usual, then the warning light we just mentioned should always go out. Sometimes, though, it won’t turn off. This could be due to a simple contact or something much more serious.

First thing, we advise you to pull over to the roadside and switch off the engine. After a few seconds, it will be possible to restart the engine and see if the light meant a simple contact or not. In the first case, it will no longer be present on the dashboard. You can then continue driving as if nothing had happened. In the second case, on the other hand, the warning light could mean a braking system fault.

As in all cases when a warning light comes on, the seriousness of the problem will not be known without having first taken the machine to the workshop. Here, the mechanics will diagnose the fault in the braking system.

Brake light
Brake warning light – Motori.News

The light may indicate a lower brake fluid level than standard or a float failure located in the tank of the liquid just mentioned. In other cases, however, the anomaly could actually concern the handbrake, which remains engaged even after lowering the lever. A visit to your trusted mechanic will clarify everything.

We close with a suggestion. If you notice this brake warning light, stop immediately. Driving with brakes that don’t work perfectly could seriously endanger your safety and that of all the other people on the road.

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