3389 euros fine, if you don’t respect this rule they ruin you: goodbye car

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When traveling by car, you always have to be careful about how you behave, because you risk getting a hefty fine even for a mistake that may seem trivial at first glance.

€3389 fine
€3389 fine – Motori.News

In particular, from now on you risk receiving a fine of €3,389 if you do not respect a rule that is not well known among motorists, which has been claiming victims by day as well as by night.

The highway code is extensive, it is made up of a very large number of rules that motorists often do not know or know little and inappropriately.

Unfortunately, however, especially those who they often travel by car to go to work they should inform themselves carefully and update themselves on any changes to the CDS, in order not to commit absurd infringements that have risky consequences.

What to do before driving

The first thing to do when you drive a vehiclewhatever it is, is paying attention to the signs placed on the side of the road, then respecting the obligations, especially those that have to do with speed limits.

Most of the accidents in Italy e in the world they occur precisely because of the high speed to which all motorists, and not only, travel. In particular, those who drive a car often press the accelerator pedal inappropriately, putting themselves and others at risk. This is absolutely to be avoided because not only do you risk your life, but also much more.


What do you risk if you don’t respect the limits

That’s why on some roads the The speed limit has undergone major changes and specific reductions. From now on, if you exceed the 10 km/h limit, you will receive a fine ranging from 40 to 173 euros, if you exceed 10 km/h the fine will increase and range from 173 to €700, and will also be reduced three points from the licence.

Anyone who exceeds the limit of 40 kilometers per hour can even receive a fine ranging from €540 to more than €2000 with the suspension of the license for up to three months and the deduction of three points from the licence.

If you exceed the limits of 60 km per hour, you risk a fine ranging from 847 to €4000, to be precise 3,389 with the withdrawal of your license for up to one year and the deduction of 10 points from the document.

Everything becomes even more serious if vehicles such as buses, trailers or heavy vehicles weighing more than eight tons are used, because in case of an accident the consequences could be much more serious than expected.