Highways, the new limit causes a massacre of fines, if you exceed 80 km/h goodbye license

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Driving any vehicle on the motorway, you need to know how to behave well and therefore respect the rules of the highway code.

Highways, the new limit
Highways, the new limit – Motori.News

As well as for all other roads speed limits are also active on this one which is better to always keep, unless you want to risk committing accidents they can cost themselves dearly, as well as others.

In particular on the motorways throughout Italy, many things are changing, because it seems that motorists will be monitored more than before and speed limits may be subject to changes.

Reduction of speed limits, that’s why the Government is evaluating this hypothesis

Reducing speed limits has been considered by the government, following the increase in the number of fatal and non-fatal crashes over the last year. We remind you that the speed limits for now are 130 for those traveling on the motorway and 110 for those traveling on extra-urban roads.

While for those who move inside the inhabited center the limit is 50 km/h, in some areas even 30.

Going too fast both on the motorway and inside the country is dangerous, so compliance with the rules must be taken into account first of all of this aspect, then the fact that if you are caught by the police while committing an infringement, you can receive stratospheric fines which in the next period will also be affected by substantial increases.

Those who have recently obtained their driving license, in particular, must open their eyes wide because for them the situation is much more complicated and heavy as well as risky.


Here’s what’s changing with regard to the speed limits imposed on Italian highways and beyond

Soon new limitations will arrive that have to do with trucks and heavy vehicles in general, that they will be forced to follow different rules. For example, they will not be able to travel on the road on certain specific days, they will not be able to occupy the third lanes.

Instead, as regards the speed limits, they will have to respect 100 km per hour up to 12 tons and 80 after 12 tons. The same thing applies to all vehicles that have trailers or tractors, who will have to respect the speed limit of 80 km per hour.

These rules will also have to do with national borders, all established to limit accidents, keep traffic on the roads under control and increase the safety of all those who move for any reason on any means.