Did you know that windshield wipers have an expiration date? If you pass it, you throw everything away

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Having an optimal view behind the wheel is one of the most important aspects when it comes to safety. Therefore, the windscreen must always be free from dust, dirt, stains and other impurities. Anything that hinders the driver’s visibility should always be eliminated as best as possible. To do this, the windshield wipers must be in perfect working order. If you notice noise during the action or less cleaning of the glass than at the beginning, then the thing to do is to change these elements. Here’s all you need to do.

Did you know that windshield wipers have an expiration date?
Did you know that windshield wipers have an expiration date? – Motors.News

THE wipers they are fundamental elements of our car. In fact, they allow them to be operated on rainy days, so that the glass can always be free from water. They also allow you to always clean any type of dirt on both the windscreen and the rear window in the best possible way.

Always clear visibility while driving – even in difficult weather conditions – it is very important for everyone’s safety. Very often, then, dust, sand or other similar dirt can accumulate on the windows of our car. The simple action of the wipers may not be enough to make our glass shine again.

Having a good windshield washer fluid to spray on the windshield and rear window when necessary could “save our lives” in some circumstances. Therefore, always remember to top up the detergent in the special tank inside the car hood.

If our wipers fail to clean the glass well, then it is advisable to stop and to proceed their immediate replacement. But what are the signs of wear of these elements? How often should the windshield wipers be changed? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

When to change your windshield wipers? Here is all the information about it

the wipers, like any other object, they can wear out over time from frequent use. We can say that they, therefore, are in possession of a Expiration date indicative. It will be advisable to change these accessories on a regular basis and as soon as the first signs of wear and anomaly are present. Let’s find out everything in detail.

Wiper change
Changing the windshield wipers: here’s how often to do this – Motori.News

The wiper rubber can easily deteriorate. After a few months, in fact, any of us will have to deal with the presence of some little noise on the glass when the windscreen wipers are activated. They are – obviously – the first signs of deterioration, which should put us on “alarm”.

If, in addition to the unusual noise, the action of the wipers fails to clean the windscreen as effectively as before, then proceed to change of brushes it might be the only possible solution to adopt. The wear of the windscreen wipers, in fact, could leave marks annoying streaks on the glass at each step. Reduced or approximate visibility for the driver is something to be avoided at all times.

The wiper blades will need to be changed on a regular basis. Approximately every six months. A lot, then, will depend on the actual use of the car and on the wear and tear of the windscreen wipers. In some cases, you can wait longer, while other times the change will be necessary more frequently.

Windscreen wipers
Windscreen wipers – Motors.News

Especially in winter, the wipers will be used more frequently than in the warm months. Proceeding with the change towards October, therefore, is the move we recommend making always. In this way, you will be able to face the winter season – full of rains and other atmospheric phenomena – with greater tranquility from this point of view.

Changing the wipers is not a complicated operation. If you have a little familiarity you can proceed with the change yourself, otherwise in the workshop in a few minutes you will have wiper blades like new.