if from yellow it turns red start to worry

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When something is wrong, various warning lights can light up on the dashboard of our car. They have the task of informing the driver about one or more problems concerning the correct functioning of the car. In most cases, a warning light can come on due to a contact or a minor problem. It is advisable, however, never to underestimate any “recall” of your machine. In some cases, in fact, the problems could be really important. Let’s find out everything about the engine lights and the various different colors of them.

Car lights
Red and yellow car lights – Motori.News

When you start driving your vehicle it is essential that every little aspect is in order. Therefore, you must never underestimate any detail, so that you never have to regret anything. In fact, the risk of underestimating a problem is always just around the corner. Over time, the situation could get worse and compromise things.

If you don’t want to put a heavy hand on your wallet, going to a mechanic for repairs, then it is important to capture every little information given by the individual spies that could light up on the dashboard of your car.

Very often a warning light comes on due to a simple contact or an ordinary signal. In other cases, however, underestimating the information can lead to major problems. How to understand if it is appropriate to block the machine immediately or not?

In today’s article we will find out everything about engine warning lights. We will also analyze the differences between the various colors. What is the difference between a yellow light and a red light? Here’s everything you need to know to NEVER let you find yourself unprepared on this topic.

Engine light, everything you need to know about the various colors that light up on the dashboard

Let’s start with a premise. All the warning lights that can be turned on on the dashboard will have a maximum of three different colours: green, yellow (or orange) and red. A bit like the traffic light. Below, we will also understand the differences between the various colors and all the meanings that can arise behind one or the other. Here are all the details on the various engine lights.

Engine light
Engine warning light: this is the difference between yellow and red. Never underestimate the turning on of these warning lights – Motori.News

When one is on green light, then there is never any problem. In fact, it stands for the proper operation of any security system. Don’t be alarmed, therefore, if you see any green lights on. Things start to escalate in case of yellow color or red. What happens in this case? Here you are all the differences between these two colors as regards the engine warning lights.

The yellow and red lights indicate a possible anomaly or, in the worst cases, a real failure. Let’s start with the colour yellow. In this case, the turning on of the warning light does not mean breakage or a serious problem. Indeed, it only indicates a possible anomaly in some specific parts, such as the exhaust or fuel system. But the problems could also concern the injectors, the catalytic converter and many other elements.

As mentioned, the yellow warning light only indicates a possible fault. In that case, you can continue driving. If, however, the warning light should continue to be on, then a visit to the workshop will be necessary, so that the mechanics can carry out a diagnosis about the possible problem.

Engine failure warning light
Warning lights on the dashboard – Motori.News

And now let’s move on to red engine light on. This is, without a doubt, the most serious case. If, in addition to the red engine warning light, other warning lights should come on at the same time, then our advice is to do not use the machine and to go to the workshop as soon as possible.

Indeed, there could be serious problems with the engine, the liquid inside it, or various other anomalies related to the engine oil and exhaust gas. It will be advisable to check the problem immediately and never get behind the wheel in this case. The mechanic will be able to solve the problem before the engine or other important parts of the car break down.