Glovebox, if you do this you turn it into a freezer – brilliant

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Inside the glovebox any motorist keeps the car documents to always have them at hand and to be able to show them in a few minutes in the event of a check at the checkpoint by the police.

Glovebox –

Someone is inside the glove box keep chargers, car accessories and everything you need at a moment’s notice.

However, many do not know a particular function that could be a real revolution ready to surprise those who they will find out right now.

glovebox of the car, this is how we can use it starting now

The function we are talking about can simplify life especially for those who travel periodically and who love to travel by car to discover the beauty of all places km by km.

In addition to keeping important documents close at hand on the go, the glovebox can also come in handy to keep drinks or food cool.

In seconds, the glovebox can become a refrigerator, simply by pressing a button. The key we are referring to has a symbol, which indicates a snowflake. Sometimes this turns into a button or a lever, a switch, because it changes from machine model to model but always works in the same way.

Either you push it and twist it, or you pull it, as soon as you turn on the air conditioningsends the cold air arrives directly inside the glovebox which cools the drinks, medicines or food that is transported.

Function changes lives, here’s what is best not to carry in the glove box of your car

Thanks to this particular function of the glovebox, everything that is particularly delicate is kept fresh and well preserved, enough to be able to spend a journey in total serenity without having to carry a portable refrigerator that takes up a lot of space inside the vehicle.

Be careful because not everyone knows or imagines it, but there are some things that should never be carried in the glovebox, for example personal documents or the garage remote control or even precious objects such as watches or jewels.

The reason is simple, if the thieves were to impound the car or search it to look for things of interest to you, not only would they find sensitive information that they could use to commit crimes, but they could also take away valuables to which we are particularly attached.

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