hurry up and fill up

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Fuel prices, therefore both petrol and diesel, continue to rise in a rather worrying and dangerous way for all Italian taxpayers. For this reason, the petrol station strike has been announced in these hours.

Petrol strike
Petrol station strike –

Strike will affect all fuel delivery systemsboth on the highways and on the roads for two days.

The motivation was provided precisely by the category, which declares that this is the only way that allows us to try to stop this wave that has been overwhelming us for months now, to return to normal and do so that Italian families are no longer afraid of not making ends meet.

State of agitation, that’s when the strike of the Italian petrol stations will take place

The state of agitation of the category will continue throughout Italy on 25 and 26 January, with the garrison under Montecitorio. Strike will begin at 19:00 on 24 January and will end at 7:00 on 27 January.

The organizations have motivated the strike quite clearly, it is a demonstration against the irresponsible decisions of politicians which are more than serious towards both the category of operators and the population.

The situation appeared even more serious since the cut in the excise duty discount was introduced, which could return from the month of March, even if for now no confirmation has arrived in this regard.


The statements of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni

The premier Giorgia Meloni in the past few hours she has declared that she wants to see how the situation will evolve, that she is ready to modify some decrees to adopt the right measures according to the reduction of excise duties should there be a need.

Meanwhile, tomorrow the premier will meet the category, to explain to gas station attendants that they have thought of all the next steps to curb inflation and not to distribute poverty or pass the buck.

As regards the cut on excise duties, the measures that were adopted by the previous government arrived when the cost of petrol and diesel reached two euros and 18 per liter or even exceeded them. The cut was then completed in November.

As far as now the cost of petrol is close to €2, at least for the moment there is no need to make decisions that over time could prove to be counterproductive or inappropriate, so there is nothing else to do but wait, evaluate and then decide what to do.