Thieves steal the car from a disabled person, then return it with a message: the text is absurd

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Just a few days ago, thieves in Bari committed a despicable act: stealing the car of a disabled person, a 56-year-old woman, Maria Elena Barile Damiani, suffering from multiple sclerosis.

Thieves –

The car we are talking about is a Fiat Doblò, which had been parked by the woman in front of it at the Venus hospital in Carbonara.

For anyone, the gesture could only be a gesture in bad taste, for the lady instead it is a serious and problematic gesture, which has incredible consequences, because that is the only car that allows you to move independently.

Without the vehicle he needs the support and support of other people.

Here’s what happened

Following the theft, the daughter launched an appeal to the thieves directly on Facebook, asking them to place a hand on their heart and return it as soon as possible to allow the mother to to move in total independence.

The woman’s followers made sure that the post could run as much as possible to get it to those directly concerned, no one believed it yet what happened immediately after gave a joy for most, leaving everyone a bit stunned.

What happened is incredible and shows that even thieves, despite everything, have a heart.

How the facts and statements of the woman’s daughter have evolved

The woman’s prayer was answered. The thieves returned the Fiat to the owner, with a note written on it “We too have a heart. Sorry.. we didn’t know about your pathology.. Sorry again.. the thieves”

The Carabinieri managed to recover the abandoned car in a village, Maria Elena’s daughter immediately announced the find via social media thanking all those who even with just a share have helped herwriting “You have been fundamental for this happy ending: unity is strength”.

During an interview with the Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno he then declared that the car for anyone can be a simple machine, for the mother it is instead a means of freedom in all respects, which represents her wings or her legs, so when they have discovered that the vehicle had been stolen they mutually agreed to launch an appeal, to try di soften the hearts of thieves and get them back again.

No one believed it, but fortunately the facts have evolved positively. This story should be an example for all the bad guys who try to make a fortune with a trivial gesture without wondering what may be the damages and consequences for those who suffer theft.