Centennial Edition Mustang Celebrates Carroll Shelby’s 100th Birthday

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Carroll Shelby is a legend in American auto culture. If he were alive today, he would be one hundred years old on January 11, 2023. Despite this fact, the namesake company did not miss out on celebrating its founder’s birthday by introducing a special package for the Ford Mustang GT.

Called the 2023 Carroll Shelby Centennial Edition Mustang, Shelby American is offering this special edition build in limited quantities. These upgrades aren’t performance-exclusive, however, as the build comes with some Centennial branding to mark its exclusivity – including a signature black Stetson cap and the Team Shelby-published Centennial Book Shelby.

Apart from the usual Shelby upgrades to the exterior, the special edition Shelby Mustang comes with Centennial branding on the tail panel, side rocker stripes, badging and badges. There’s also an over-the-top Le Mans satin black vinyl striping. Inside, the door sill plates, floor mats, and leather upholstery are all finished with the Carroll Shelby Centennial Edition emblem and badge.

Performance-wise, it’s what you’d expect from the company. A black Shelby supercharger with gauge pod gives the 5.0-liter V8 an output of up to 750 horsepower (559 kilowatts). Sending this power to the ground are a set of 20-inch satin black wheels wrapped in 305/30/20 Shelby-spec performance tires.

The engine upgrade was complemented by other upgrades such as a ventilated hood, performance radiator, under hood fluid cap kit and Borla cat rear exhaust. Performance springs, sway bars, adjustable caster/camber plates and OEM Ford Performance Pack-type Brembo front calipers are part of the deal.

“This Shelby Mustang delivered the level of performance that Carroll hoped to have his name on the car. We were so confident that he would approve the Carroll Shelby Centennial Edition Mustang that we included a black Stetson like the one he wore, with each car,” said Vince LaViolette, Shelby American Vice President of Operations, Test Driver, and Head of R&D.

Shelby American will only build 100 units of the 2023 Carroll Carroll Shelby Centennial Edition. The MSRP package starts at $49,995 for most of the titled 2023 Ford Mustang GT, excluding the California Special and Mach 1 models.

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