Converted 6×6 Miltary Truck Is An Incredible Camper With Room To Spare


Thanks to the Cars and Bid auction, you have the opportunity to purchase this unique 1997 Stewart & Stevenson M1087 FMTV. The advantages of this military vehicle are transformed into a capable overlander rig that combines an RV-style living room with the rugged form of a military vehicle.

We Have For Sale This 1993 Ford F-350 4×4 Ambulance Overland Camper, but this surplus military vehicle might be the perfect overlander starting point. According to this 1997 current owner’s Cars and Offers list, a Stewart & Stevenson M1087 FMTV purchased this rig in June 2018. From there, the owners got to work turning this former mobile military command center into a useful RV. The building leverages the Stewart & Stevenson M1087 FMTV’s expansive command center space to build a comfortable living room complete with a fully equipped bathroom, stainless steel kitchen, and a bedroom large enough for a king-sized bed.

The Stewart & Stevenson M1087 FMTV is powered by a 6.6-liter Caterpillar inline-6 ​​diesel engine that produces 290 horsepower and 520 lb-ft of torque. This powerful diesel engine is mated to a 7-speed Allison automatic transmission and has a towing capacity of 21,000lbs. For even more off-road capability, the Stewart & Stevenson M1087 FMTV also includes a locking differential and a central tire inflation system.

This comfort-focused building transforms a former military vehicle into a luxurious living room. The owner added a 60 gallon fresh water tank along with a tankless water heater and Girard Products GSWH-1M water purification system. The interior is heated via the same military-grade heater that was included with the original truck while cooling comes from LG’s split mini-air conditioning unit. The kitchen uses stainless steel extensively and includes a large refrigerator and a Vitrifrigo DRW180 freezer unit. If you’re interested in trying overland in a more affordable way, Nissan offers customers a roof awning accessory for Frontier customers.

Owners spent time adding a new electrical system to the M1087 that included a unique solar roof setup. Power comes from the Guangzhou Felicity Solar Technology LiFePO4 battery pack fed into the 120volt system. The solar panels feed the advanced electrical system with solar controllers and inverters. Owners also added Wi-Fi settings and a WeBoost cellular signal booster to keep residents connected. Place your bid today in Cars and Bids for a chance to own these unique creations.


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