Lexus RZ Sport Concept Gives Visual BEV Upgrade, Debuts ROV 2 Concept

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This year, the Tokyo Auto Salon and the Tokyo Outdoor Show were held simultaneously. Lexus followed suit, showing a customized RZ with several outdoor-oriented concepts.

The Lexus RZ received several updates. The crossover is longer and wider than the standard model, but the upgraded suspension lowers the vehicle by 1.37 inches (35 millimeters). The automaker added custom aero bits to the front and rear bumpers, a dual carbon spoiler, and front and hood aero openings.

The RZ Sport Concept also gets a powertrain upgrade, using two 150 kilowatt motors, one for each axle. The standard RZ pairs a 150 kW front motor with an 80 kW rear motor. Lexus put four bucket seats inside, and the automaker finished the exterior in white Hakugin with blue accents.

In December 2021, the automaker revealed the ROV Concept, side-by-side hydrogen powered. The ROV Concept 2 was closing at the Tokyo Outdoor Show, and while it looks very similar to the first, it does feature some design differences. The buggy features a revised front fascia, new suspension and a slightly revamped rear end. It still had a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine running on compressed hydrogen gas.

Joining the ROV Concept 2 are two of Lexus’ flagship vehicles ready for adventure – the GX and RX Outdoor Concepts. The RX, based on the RZ 450h+, received black stainless steel window molding, black door handles, LED headlights, black grille, aluminum skid plates, fenders and 18-inch wheels wrapped in all-terrain tires. It wears Regolith paint, matching the ROV Concept 2. The RX’s standout feature is its custom aluminum rack and roof awning – the Feldon Shelter Hawk Nest.

Lexus gave the GX Outdoor Concept a new front bumper, skid plates and rocker protection. It also got a warning winch, revised suspension, and Toyo Open Country tires. It also features a roof awning from Yakima, with Lexus finishing it in khaki mica metallic paint.

Also attending the event was the Lexus LX 600 which raced in the 2022 Baja 1000. The LX featured many off-road upgrades designed to toughen the crossover for grueling races, such as competition-spec coil springs and shock absorbers, heavy-duty tires, and roll cage. steel.