Hybrid car, with these tricks you consume even less: you forget to refuel

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Consuming very little while driving a hybrid car is possible. You just have to use three tricks, which make the difference.

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Hybrid cars have a battery that every time you slow down and then brake, it recharges automatically.

When you press the brake pedal, the electric motor brake is activated, allowing you to slow down the vehicle or stop itgoing at the same time to recharge the battery.

In this way the use of the brake pads is reduced which are thus consumed much more slowly. The result is incredible, their duration is infinite.

Consuming less and respecting the environment is possible, here’s how

But you can also consume less without polluting the environment, simply by implementing intelligent driving modes. For example, before stopping the vehicle, seeing a long line of cars from afar, you can proceed by braking with the engine brake, immediately taking your foot off the accelerator. This initiates the shutdown of the hybrid car, smoothly and slowly.

The longer the braking phase, the more the recharging phase also lengthens recovering electricity and consuming much less than when braking sharply. This driving style is definitely recommended for many reasons and under many aspects.

When you leave, regardless of the type of power supply of the car, whether it’s hybrid or not, you have to accelerate gently. In this case, therefore in the case of the hybrid car, it means starting up only the electric motor, which will also start up the internal combustion engine later on, but everything will be much less demanding because you will have to push a car that is already running. movement, so much less energy will be required.

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Traveling at a constant speed is a trick not only valid for hybrid cars, it saves fuel

When you travel then, it is recommended to keep the speed constantwhatever it is, slowly detaching your foot from the accelerator and then pressing it gently when needed. The trick happens now, when you put your foot back on the accelerator you don’t have to do it quickly and forcefully, but gently.

In this way, only the electric motor is reactivated, the speed is always kept the same, then you accelerate slightly and you save a lot of fuel, especially when you cover many kilometres. These tricks are very simple, it doesn’t take much to implement them, but they are life changing. Just think of the fuel economy in a week or in a month. Important results are mainly those who use the car to travel for work or for fun.

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