from tomorrow a flood of fines in this city

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Certainly someone will have heard of telelasers, while someone else with little knowledge doesn’t even know what they are.

Telelaser –

In a nutshell, it is a matter of eyes focused on some Italian roads that invite motorists who do not respect the rules of the highway code and in particular the speed limits imposed, to press the accelerator much less.

To date, the majority of accidents occur due to failure to comply with the limits, which endangers not only motorists, motorcyclists and cyclists, but also pedestrians. Because many users don’t even respect the 50 km/h limit set for cities. Which is very dangerous and worries more and more.

Where the eyes that monitor traffic are installed

Telelasers are very similar to speed cameras, they will be installed starting from 9 January until 15 January on some roads in Lazio to encourage motorists to devote themselves to safe driving.

The telelaser service will be active in particular on Monday 9 January on the SS 630 Ausonia state road, on 10 January on the Cassia locality Monterosi, Saturday 14 in Civitavecchia and Sunday 15 January on the Roma Mandela.

These telelaser stations will allow officers to detect all infractions committed by motorists while being remote. In this regard, it should be emphasized that the difference between the telelaser and the speed camera is minimal but at the same time substantial.

The difference between telelaser and speed cameras

The speed camera determines the speed of a vehicle only a short distance away, in fact many people just before arriving at the speed camera station brake to return within the limits and not get fined (dangerous technique because there is a risk of chain accidents, especially on the motorway).

Instead, the telelaser can determine the speed of any vehicle even at a distance of 600 m, so running away and getting away with it is really difficult. Following all this, in fact, they have already arrived in Lazio many complaints from motorists who say they don’t agree and don’t feel protected at all.

In reality, in order to protect motorists, the region has also made it known where the equipment is installed for which the only thing to do is always respect the speed limits, not so much so as not to get fined, but above all so as not to risk one’s life and do not endanger that of others.

Driving is an act of extreme responsibility, just as it is essential to find out about rules of the highway code constantly being updated.

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