Traffic light, a €180 fine for anyone who does this: points immediately reset

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The traffic light is a device that regulates traffic in small and large cities, making it safer for anyone, for motorists, heavy vehicles, motorcyclists but above all for pedestrians who in most cases suffer the worst.

Traffic light, €180 fine
Traffic light, €180 fine –

And yet, despite the presence of traffic lights, speed cameras, patrols who check the road in person, there are some mistakes that all users make, from which one should keep well away in order to avoid receiving excessively high fines and much more.

For trivial reasons, in fact, not only do you receive penalties over 100 euros but you also see a few points deducted from your licence.

The mistake many motorists make when in traffic

For example, many motorists run red lights, especially in the evening or at night when the traffic is less but the traffic lights stay on and there are no other cars on the road.

In order not to waste time, especially when in a hurry, many press the accelerator and break the law. It happens that following an irresponsible gesture to have the worst of it is just a pedestrian in the process of crossing. This is why respecting the CDS in every point is fundamental.

But that’s not the only infraction that users are used to committing, there are some who realize they have taken the wrong lane at the last moment and therefore change when maybe they shouldn’t be putting other drivers at risk etc.

In some cities of Italy, such as Milazzo for example, these motorists have received penalties which are equivalent to the fine that all those who do not respect the red light are forced to pay, i.e. 160 euros.

Reduction of points and unfair fine, here’s what those who have suffered them will have to do

Motorists who have found themselves in this situation they immediately complained because they consider the sanction unjust. In fact, according to the Department of Public Safety of the Dicastery of the Interior, the fine applied to those who change lanes at the last second is incorrect and should be cancelled.

The same thing applies to the reduction of points on the license which must be immediately reinstated. The administration and the local police command of Milazzo met and following the discussion the decision was made that whoever received the fine and was affected by the reduction of points on the license will have to submit an application either via pec or directly to the police command requesting the filing of the report.

This obviously only with regard to changing lanes, while there will be no changes, for all those who cross the traffic light with the red light on.

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