Dakar, the “Super Mario move” doesn’t work: look at what the motorcycle leader has done

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The Dakar always offers a great show. Even if not everything goes as planned… Take a look.

Dakar 2023, small hitches – MotoriNews

It hasn’t been held in Africa for some time, but there Dakar however, it keeps its charm intact. The name is now that of a challenge legendary, which many sooner or later intend to face. Clearly over time there have been many changes, not all digested by the “puristsof the competition. But the Dakar remains a test impressive, as well as being now a pivot of the World Rally-Raid. With all his difficultyeven for the candidates for the final victory, and everything doesn’t always go as it is expected

Like Super Mario! But…

These days the Dakar is facing sand And dunes at will. And pilots certainly don’t hide when it comes to giving away show in front of the cameras. Helicopters are always in the air, ready to immortalize moments of action during the race. And here the boys of the Dakar, from motorcycles to trucks, are not exempt from you jump, small stunts, spectacular maneuvers. But not always everything goes right as in plans. An example is Skyler Howes, the current leader of motorcycles, who for a moment slipped into the shoes of the legendary Super Mario. With an ending, however, not quite as expected, though without consequences for the American of Husqvarna.

He wasn’t the only one. Yesterday, on the occasion of the tenth stagehe wasn’t the only pilot who ran into something slip in the great expanse of sand. As for Howes, everything has worked out for the best and the pilots are broken down without problems to continue their journey.

Dakar, the situation

In archive the stage 11 disputed today, the checkered flag of this 2023 edition is getting closer and closer. They are just missing Three days in the end, who will win? The final catwalk up to Dammam is awaited, but some categories only need official confirmation. This is not the case with motorcycles: Skyler Howes command the ranking with Toby Price not even 30 seconds e Kevin Benavides just under three minutes! Very different situation in quads, with Alexandre Giroud in the lead with almost an hour and a half of margin on Francisco Moreno. Not much changes in cars: only a cataclysm would prevent a Nasser Al-Attiyahin command with an hour and a half margin on the first pursuers, to take the fifth Career Dakar. A completely different story in the trucks: with Ales Loprais out of action, the crew commanded by Janus Van Kasteren boasts only one minute advantage over the troop led by Martin Van Den Brink. Three more days of big challenges.

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