Petrol at €1.25, they’re all going to fill up here: you have to hurry

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Over the last few months, getting petrol has become a nightmare for all those who travel daily by car or motorbike, because it means spending a lot of money a week and a month.

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This is why there are motorists who have given up on using private vehicles to move from one part of the city to another or from one city to another, preferring to use public transport while being aware that they are not always reliable.

Others instead have succumbed to illegal methods to fill up and pay much less than normal, in the hope of not get caught and not have to pay double for committing a crime.

Petrol at 2 euros a litre, that’s what we risk in the next few months

Before filling up with fuel, the majority of motorists look for the service station that allows you to fill up with petrol for less than €2 a litre. especially if you have to fill up.

With the cut in excise duties, both petrol and diesel had reached acceptable prices. In recent weeks, however, with the end of the cut, all types of fuel have once again reached €2.

In some places even by the month of March both diesel and petrol could reach €2.50 per litre. The situation is becoming increasingly worrying and above all risky for those who struggle to make ends meet.

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Which is the city where fuel is absolutely not an economic hardship

But be careful because apparently there is a small town located in the province of Sondrio which does not seem to have been affected by the consequences of the Russia – Ukraine war. While throughout Italy you can get petrol for €1.95, here the prices are still acceptable and accessible to all.

We are talking about Livigno where petrol in many service stations costs €1.36 per liter while diesel €1.25. Livigno is a non-customs territory, where VAT is not paid, nor are excise duties on fuel and many other products.

In order for everyone to have the opportunity to refuel at affordable prices, local supplies, allow the purchase of a maximum of 10 liters of petrol or the total that can be poured into the tank of a car.

Anyone who wants to take it away must pour it directly into a tank, making sure it is approved if you don’t want to be heavily fined. The high price of fuel in 2022 translated into an expense of more than €500 for both petrol and diesel vehicles, now all that remains is wait for 2023 results.

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