Car bonus, €7500 if you take this one: don’t miss it

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Car bonuses are fundamental especially in this period, given that everything has undergone increases behind which not all users are able to go.

Car bonus
Car bonus – Motors.News

Lots of new things arrive in January that have to do with incentives and revision of the Highway Code.

In this regard we can say chand 2023 is already shaping up to be a year full of great news that have to do with drivers and more.

New cars are preparing for their debut on the Italian market and beyond

Many new highly technological car models, such as the new one, are preparing to make their debut on the market Audi A3, or BMW Xm, M3 Touring, then the Renault Austral, the Mercedes SUV, the new Peugeot 408 and the new Smart.

These are joined by the very luxurious Ferraris, the Citroen C4 X, the Alfa Romeo restyling, the Stelvio restyling, etc. From January 10 they also arrive car bonuses that allow you to buy new non-polluting cars.

The bonuses in question can be requested by all those who have an ISEE of less than or equal to €30,000. These bonuses allow you to buy hybrid or electric cars, with super discounted and advantageous prices.

Mobility pollution
car bonus –

Car bonus, that’s what they’re equivalent to

There is talk of discounts ranging from 3000 to €4500 up to a maximum of €7500, adding scrapping. Car bonuses can be used for the purchase of cars with emissions ranging from 0 to 20 grams for each kilometre.

Then we move on to 2,000 euros or €3,000 of car bonuses up to a maximum of €6,000 with scrapping, which can be used to purchase electric cars that have emissions ranging from 21 to 60 grams per kilometer. In this case the list price must not exceed €45,000.

The incentives can be combined with others proposed at a local level, for example by the municipalities, but in this case it is better to inquire at the municipality of residence or directly at the Region in order not to make a mistake.

Then, as already anticipated, important innovations will also arrive with regard to the highway code, which will particularly affect those who break specific laws every time they drive a vehicle.

The number of police checks on any road will also increase, with the tightening ofand sanctions aimed at limiting accidents, in particular fatal accidents which have increased in the last period mainly due to driving under the influence of alcohol or driving with a cell phone or any other distraction.

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