€3000 fine on the motorway if you have this: a real nightmare

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When traveling on the motorway you have to keep your eyes peeled and comply with all the rules of the cds, unless you want to receive fines of up to €3,000 for mistakes that may seem trivial at first glance, but which in reality are not at all.

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The highway code is constantly evolvingfor this reason especially those who travel daily must keep themselves well informed, in order not to be caught in the act, while committing a crime without knowing it.

The fines are many. are getting higher, as well as checkpoints that will continue to increase to secure safe circulation for all users.

Those who make mistakes pay, the law does not allow ignorance and misinformation

However misinformed one may be, if you are caught committing offenses of any type and severity, there are no excuses, the agents can not turn a blind eye, so they are forced to issue penalties and proceed with the reduction of points on the license or even provide for the suspension of the same based on the seriousness of the crime committed.

Not everyone knows for example that foreign citizens who want to reside in Italy must register the vehicles already registered abroad, in our area, within three months of obtaining residency.

If more than 90 days pass, very high penalties apply up to even the suspension of the license and the confiscation of the vehicle. The registration of the vehicle must be carried out in the public register of foreign vehicles.

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What happens if at the checkpoint on the motorway it is discovered that the vehicle is not in order because…

If not if during the checkpoint the law enforcement officers should verify the foreign license plate present in Italy for over three months with the change of residence of the driver and owner of the vehicle, they have the right and the duty to impose a fine ranging from 700 to €3000 or rather 3.5888.

Article 93 talk about the seizure of the vehicle, which the owner can only repossess after having correctly registered, in compliance with Italian law.

In the last period, the government wanted to change the rules by adapting to the European ones by modifying articles 93, 94, 132 and 136.

So if once the owners of vehicles registered abroad had 60 days to provide for registration in Italy, now they have 30 more days to do it in peace.

If you do not want to risk receiving hefty fines and having your vehicle seized, it is advisable to respect the rules of the CDS and the established deadlines.

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