Car keys, keep this button pressed for 8 seconds: incredible what happens

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Not always all car owners may be aware of any “hidden” aspect present. However, our cars have a whole range of features that are not always taken advantage of by the majority of people. Modern car keys allow you to use them without inserting them into the car door lock or ignition lock. But they can also be the protagonists of another little-known action. What are we referring to? Here are all the details.

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Today’s car keys are considerably more technological and functional than those of several years. Traditional keys, in fact, only allowed the user to lock and unlock the car, as needed, and to start or stop the engine. Furthermore, they had to be compulsorily inserted inside the door lock or in the ignition lock of the car near the steering wheel.

Therefore, they had nothing technological, but simply performed their basic functions. Today’s car models, on the other hand, almost all have a new key version. It is called Keyless Go and allows it to be used even from a distance or simply by keeping it in your pocket.

Basically, if you’re about to have to get into your car, then just press a button on it even several meters away to open the door. Alternatively, you can keep the key in your pocket and press a special button on the door. The same is true when stepping out of your car.

Even for starting and stopping the engine, it is no longer necessary to insert the key in the ignition lock. You just have the device inside the car – in a bag, pocket or other place – and press a dedicated power button under the steering wheel.

But Did you know that your car key can also be used to perform a particular move? Most people are unaware of this. Here are all the details about it.

Car keys, let’s discover the hidden functionality of these devices

The car opening key on the keys of the new generation models it will be able to be pressed not only to access the interior, but also for a completely different look. We are sure that it will significantly improve your experience in the car and guarantee greater practicality and comfort, especially in certain seasons of the year. But what are we referring to? Here is the “hidden” functionality of your car keys.

Car keys
Car keys – Motors.News

The latest generation cars will allow the user to press the unlock button on the key even to perform a non-obvious move. It will be necessary to press the opening button for about 8 seconds to implement something unthinkable. Let’s find out the usefulness of this apparently meaningless move.

Pressing the open button for a few seconds in a row will allow your car’s windows to roll down instantly. The same thing will happen – when getting out of the car – regarding closing the windows and closing the car. An automatic move, which will allow you not to have to start the engine before having to roll down the windows.

Auto window function
What happens to your car window if you press a button on your key? Here are all the details – Motori.News

Species in the summertime – during the long and sultry days – this “remote” functionality could prove to be very useful indeed. Technology is increasingly coming to the aid of people. And this thing is also true in the field of cars and engines. Remote automatic lowering and raising of the windows is definitely something that guarantees a improvement of the general comfort and practicality of use of cars.

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