Trap speed cameras, this generates 180 fines a day: you lose thousands of euros

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Speed ​​cameras are a nightmare for any user who travels on motorcycles, cars or trucks, because hoping to get away with these active devices is practically useless, since nothing escapes these speed detection devices.

Speed ​​camera trap
Speed ​​camera trap –

Exceeding the speed limit even by a few kilometers per hour, means getting incredibly high fines, to be paid immediately so as not to have serious consequences over the years.

Few know that if you pay within 5 days of receipt you are entitled to a 30% discount.

Speed ​​cameras and road safety, 13,000 fines in just a few months

With regard to speed cameras and road safety, the municipality of Torri del Benaco presented a new speed camera on 11 August 2022 which monitors speed on highway 249.

Anyone who travels by any means on that stretch of road must absolutely not exceed 50 km per hour unless they want to receive penalties. According to data collected from August 12 through October 30, 2022, the speed camera issued 13,000 fines, averaging 180 fines per day.


Because the speed camera was mounted right there

The mayor explained that the speed camera was positioned in Pai, because there is a stretch of road there where there are four pedestrian crossings along which no vehicle stops, giving pedestrians the right to pass.

Moreover, as if this were not enough, few people respect the speed limits, many users press the accelerator pedal more than necessary, this makes everything even more difficult and especially dangerous for those who travel on foot or for cyclists.

Many accidents in the city occur precisely because many do not respect the limits and do not stop to give way to pedestrians stopped on the pedal crossings. Indeed we have often heard of pedestrians run over by high-speed vehicles.

Motorists who pass by that stretch of road every day for whatever reason have complained because they have received several fines, following a pace slightly exceeding the established limit, maximum of 2 km/h and even less.

Residents and associations are threatening to pursue legal action to ensure that the speed camera is quickly dismantled because it limits freedom and causes unrest. In reality, everyone should feel protected by the presence of the device that somehow keeps the situation under control.

Speed ​​cameras are a protection for citizens, who often, like the police, are seen as a threat.

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