Flurry of fines, if you don’t have this document they make you shell out €1600: your business

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Before getting behind the wheel, it is essential to make sure that you always have a whole series of documents and papers in your pocket or inside the car that are suitable for driving on the roads of our country. During a normal roadside check, the police will always check your driving license and registration document. In some cases, however, the check may be more thorough. Which document must never be missing? Here’s what to know to avoid a heavy fine.

flurry of fines
flurry of fines – Motori.News.it

Every day anyone who drives their own car is required to respect several rules to ensure road safety for all. Driving with maximum responsibility is certainly the most important aspect to avoid risks and problems of all kinds. You will have to do your best, however, also from a bureaucratic and administrative point of view. What document should NEVER be missing in your car? Here are the details.

The rules for being able to get behind the wheel of a four-wheel motorized vehicle are very clear. It will be necessary to have completed 18 years of age and to have obtained, after passing the theoretical and practical tests, the regular driving license. Without this necessary document, no person can get behind the wheel of any vehicle. Anyone who does so risks fines of several tens of thousands of euros. A risk for everyone’s safety and for their own pockets!

But this is only the most serious and striking case. Indeed, it is necessary be in compliance with a whole series of necessary documents. During a checkpoint, any officer will always ask you for your driving license and car registration certificatewhich attests – in fact – the regular circulation of the vehicle on the road.

But did you know that there is another obligatory document to be shown at the request of the police? If you do not show it or if it is not in order, then you risk a fine equal to your salary. Here’s everything you need to know on this topic.

Get up to date with this document: if you don’t show it to the police, you risk a very heavy fine

In addition to ascertaining that the user while driving is perfectly in order with the documents and that he has not used alcohol or drugs, the police have a duty to check that the car also has all the requirements in order at that particular moment. In addition to the registration document, therefore, the agents will be able to ask you for another document of fundamental importance. We refer to review document. Let’s find out all the details about it.

Document checkpoint
Roadblock – Motori.News

Your vehicle must always be in order. The review document will ensure that every technical aspect will go well and will be suitable for the circulation of the vehicle. In fact, in order to be used on the road, the car must pass a series of tests and checks at regular intervals.

The first inspection for a new car must be done 4 years after registration. Subsequently, the periodicity of the control decreases to 2 years. These are the general rules to never be found unprepared in this respect.

Car review
Car inspection: here is the document that must always be in order. You risk a huge fine – Motori.News

The inspection document will be issued directly by the mechanics of the inspection center you have chosen. When the checks are completed, therefore, you will have the necessary document that you can show to the police, so as to never have problems of any kind. The document presents all the technical data of the car and proves that the checks have been carried out and that everything is in order.

What happens if you don’t show the inspection document to the police during a check? The risk is to suffer a fine very salty. Depending on the case, in fact, it can go from 420 euros up to 1,600 euros. If your review has expired, put yourself in order immediately to avoid unpleasant penalties.

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