The most powerful truck in the world? It is Chinese and has over 800 horsepower

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It’s called the Shacman X6000 and can be considered the most powerful truck in the world: the top-of-the-range version boasts incredible record numbers

More powerful truck
More powerful truck – Motori.News

The brand new comes from China X6000 tractor truck which, among the various configurations, also includes one top version with an 800 horsepower engine. These are record numbers since they make it possible to exceed the 770 HP that were already astonishing from the Scania V8. The struggle once the preserve of Swedish builders Volvo and Scania in fact, it now sees the entry of a third competitor.

The specialized newspapers of Brazil gave the news, which went into more detail than the official website of the manufacturer itself. So let’s find out together what they told us.

The most powerful truck in the world: it’s Shacman X6000

The Shacman X6000 truck stands out precisely for one power of 800 horsepower given by the new engine with a 16.6 liter displacement for a torque capable of reaching 3750 Nm. Although, as mentioned, we have no official information from the manufacturer, we must trust the information arriving from Brazil which tells us of a 16-speed transmission designed for the 6×4 configuration only.

Shacman X6000
Shacman X6000 –

As far as European standards are concerned, it seems that we are there: the truck seems to be in compliance with the Chinese legislation equivalent to our Euro 6 and with safety devices that are very close to those we can find on European-made tractors.

It should be specified that Shacman X6000 is a production dating back to 2020 whose initial proposal included only 4×2 and 6×4 models respectively with 11.5 and 12.9 liter engines for maximum overall power of 560 horsepower.

In case you don’t know him, know that however that Shacman is a historic brand in its sector, inserted within the Shaanxi Group, whose foundation dates back to 55 years ago in the Chinese province from which it took its name. The headquarters is located in Xian, capital of the province, for a main production dedicated to buses and precisely heavy vehicles.

From a design point of view, it seems that the Chinese manufacturer was inspired by Mercedes Actrosat least as regards the lights and the choice of mounting the digital display above the dashboard.

Shacman X6000 taken at sunset
Shacman X6000 taken at sunset –

Speaking of prices and orders we know that at the moment it is possible pre-order the truck only in China and Russia, but there are no indications about the cost and the relative delivery times. Nor, for now, there is not even talk of the debut in other markets, especially in the West, where the diffusion of Chinese heavy vehicles seems to be hampered by the habits of this sector.

That said, barring denials, the Shacman X6000 tractor in the meantime, it can boast the record of most powerful truck in the world. Who knows if the European response will come soon.

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