Goodbye fine, in this city they don’t make 1 anymore: motorists full of joy

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Getting a fine is certainly something unpleasant, which unfortunately has happened at least once in a lifetime to any motorist in the world.

Goodbye fines
Goodbye fines – Motori.News

It doesn’t take much to get a fine, for example parking the car on the no parking, voluntarily or involuntarily, or not respecting thespeed limits established within the country or abroad.

The fine can be issued by the policeman, as well as the policeman or carabiniere, or simply the speed camera who photographs the car and its license plate and sends the sanction directly to the home of the person concerned.

That’s where from now on you can commit offenses without punishment

Among other things, a fine is considered the lesser evil, because following an infringement of any kind there may also be of far greater consequences and more serious ones such as for example the deduction of points from the licence, the suspension of the same or the withdrawal of the vehicle.

There is a city where the traffic police from now on, indeed already for several days, can no longer give any fine to motorcyclists or motorists because the time limit has expired. collaboration between the municipality and the motorisation.

As a result, police officers they are no longer required to issue fines simply because they can no longer consult the license plates in order to trace the owners of the vehicles and therefore the offenders.

The problem that the White Helmets have found themselves facing and how this situation will evolve

The Roman White Helmets no longer have access to the database, this inevitably means that any offense goes under the table. Probably all this is due to an unresolved dispute that it may not even resolve itself over time.

The Municipality of Rome has requested free accessfor the municipal police to the motorization archive, as happens for all the other police forces and as happens in Milan but it was denied, indeed it was suggested to proceed with a second method which allows for the fines of those who do not respect the law.

It involves accessing the public vehicle register which, unfortunately, is a paid service. Not everyone has the password to access, for this reason in Rome at least for now those who want to transgress without paying will be able to do so because all the fractions with extreme certainty will go completely unnoticed.

Obviously this is valid only for direct checks by the brigade, because all the others Police forces and speed cameras remain active.

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