Car battery, do this for 30 minutes and solve immediately: you no longer throw away €1

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The car battery is the heart of the vehicle, sometimes it can drag us into certainly unpleasant situations, suddenly discharging and leaving us stranded wherever it is.

Car battery
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Here because you have to be ready for anything, always informed on what to do and on how to behave in order not to make mistakes.

Unfortunately there is not much to do, if the battery is flat, you can run to the mechanic to replace it or to check it, or ask someone for help to spend much less.

A car battery malfunction, not checked properly, it risks compromising the functioning of the car.

Car battery, that’s why it runs out

The car battery you can download it due to carelessnessperhaps for having forgotten the radio on or a light on, the active headlights or simply because of the freezing temperatures, in the coldest areas.

In short the reasons and causes can be many. There are several methods that allow you to restart the machine quickly without spending a cent, you just need to inquire.

To solve the nightmare of all motorists, i.e. the key that turns perfectly and the car that doesn’t start, if it should happen more than once after a short time, it is better to have it replaced by a mechanic.

But if it happens for the first time and you have the cables, by finding a generous motorist who has a few minutes of time, you can start the car and leave quickly. To avoid the battery leaving us stranded a second time within a few minutes, it is better to let the vehicle walk for a while.


How to properly recharge the car battery so as not to be left stranded a second time

Walking immediately after restarting the vehicle using the cables is a secret that allows the battery to fully recharge. Everyone will wonder, for how long or for how many km?

Typically to recharge a car battery you need a walk of at least half an hour, like this if you turn it off and turn it on again after a few hours or the next day you shouldn’t have any nasty surprises.

Obviously the indicated time is not the same for all car models, because for some cars it may take a little longerfor some others a little less time.

In any case, the advice that can be given is to avoid using the radio or anything else that can drain the battery of the vehicle while driving. As strange as it may seem, it could be useful to turn on the headlights sparingly only when really needed.