Toyota GR86 Gets New TRD Parts Lineup In Japan

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Just in time for the Tokyo Auto Salon, a new set of TRD parts for the GR86. New aftermarket accessories for the sports coupe include not only exterior changes but also performance and cabin upgrades.

The new product is based on the planned “Stylish Street Sports” concept and will be available on top of the current GR parts line for the Toyota GR86. There’s also a new set of parts called the Aerodynamic Package II. Some parts are even developed using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for total vehicle balance.

Several GR parts are scheduled to be available in March 2023. These include a new conical nose tip (available in black or white) called the GR aero nose cone. GR aero door fins, GR rear window grille and GR sport oil filter will also be sold at a later date.

The Aerodynamics Package II includes the new GR Front Spoiler which comes with a different design than before. GR side skirts, GR rear bumper spoiler, GR sport muffler, GR canard, GR stabilizer cover, GR rear side spoiler and GR aero roof fin – these are also part of the package. Together with the previously mentioned nose cone and parts, the whole package carries a price tag of 492,800 yen or about $3,815 at today’s exchange rates.

While aero parts are the latest addition to the aftermarket upgrade lineup, Toyota still offers other tuning parts. This includes a fully adjustable GR suspension set, a GR monoblock brake kit and a GR performance damper. The GR quick shift lever set is even available for the MT variant of the GR86, which is said to provide a 10 percent shorter shift than the stock lever.

As always, you can always buy these parts piece by piece. TRD even offers visualization tool which you can use to see what the GR86 looks like with or without the new GR parts.

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