Polestar Opens A Store Made Entirely Of Snow In The Arctic Circle

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There are about 130 Polestar “Spaces” around the world. One of them is very unique. In fact, it is the first of its kind. Called Polestar Snow Space, Swedish brand owned by Geely has opened its first showroom made entirely of snow.

Inspired by the minimalist design of the company’s headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden, the pop-up shop is located in Rovaniemi, Finland within the Arctic Circle. This is the second Polestar Space in the country and suffice it to say, the showroom offers a unique experience for interested Polestar customers, albeit on a short notice.

Snow Space was designed by Polestar architects and built by Finnish company Frozen Innovation. The company has built about 50 different snow and ice installations in the last 15 years, including hotels, bars and even a small castle. However, this is the first time the company has built a cube.

According to Frozen Innovation CEO Taavi Heikkila, the company used about 3,924 cubic yards (3,000 cubic meters) of snow from local ski resort Ounasvaara for the construction of the cube. The stand was 32 feet (12 m) high with walls 6.6 feet (2 m) thick. The project took six weeks to complete, including two weeks of construction.

Because Polestar has a digital-first retail model, meaning customers can configure and order their cars online. But for those who want to see and test a vehicle in metal, Polestar Spaces should provide the service, with the support of a non-commissioned Polestar Specialist.

For Snow Space, the Polestar 2 EV is on display. It’s also available for a test drive on a nearby snow track, while the car itself is showcased in a cube alongside ice sculptures (wheels, suspension parts, and brakes) made by local artists.

Polestar Snow Space is now open until February 26, 2023. Snow used in the construction of the pop-up shop must be returned to its source after this period.