The successor to the Aston Martin DB11 is peeked at for the first time, it could be the DB12

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There’s no mistaking this sleek coupe for anything other than an Aston Martin. Even with its word-laden camouflage, the DB11’s timeless lines are easy to see. But why would Aston Martin have the DB11 – a vehicle that made its debut in 2016 – wrapped in camouflage and adorned with prototype vehicle stickers in 2023? Because we think this is actually the next generation DB12.

Our Europe-based spy photographer took some pictures of this very dirty test car at a gas station. We wouldn’t blame you one bit for calling this the DB11, as detail on the rear fascia, side sills and fender trim looks identical to the current model. That’s probably on purpose, using the DB11’s bolt-on panels to evaluate changes under the skin. But we see a clear difference up front, especially with the larger grille and smaller headlamps which the Valhalla may have influenced.

Unfortunately, a clear view of the interior is not available. However, zoom in on the front view and you’ll see the thick cover piled up on the dashboard. Even if this is some sort of evolution of the DB11, it’s doubtful Aston Martin will make enough changes to warrant such secrecy.

With this being our first sighting, considerable mystery still surrounds the car. It wears a similar hood to the current V12-powered DB11, and our spy sources believe the twin-turbocharged 5.2-liter 12-pot will carry over to the next generation. In early 2022, former Aston Martin CEO Tobias Moers said electrification was the future but the V12 would remain in the lineup for at least a little while longer. Whether this car is a self-fuelling or a hybrid is unclear, and a V8 engine is certainly a possibility compared to the 12. But the bottom line is that the next generation DB will still offer internal combustion.

The appearance of this prototype is timely, as it comes just as Aston Martin announced its plans to reveal a new vehicle this year as part of the company’s 110th anniversary. Among them is an unknown limited edition model and the first example of Aston Martin’s next-generation offering. As such, we may see the camouflage removed later this year. Depending on the time, the DB12 could be a 2024 or 2025 model year machine.

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