Why do so many people put a CD on their windshield when they drive?

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Among the many beliefs that have been circulating on the web for years, one can also read a precise aspect in reference to an unusual use of the traditional CD or compact disc. According to some people, in fact, placing this device behind the windshield of their car could prove to be important for a specific aspect. What are we referring to? Will it really be useful to make this move? Let’s find out all the details about this move implemented by some people.

CDs on the windshield
CD on the windshield – Motori.News

The CDs or compact discs it is an invention that is more than 40 years old. Indeed, in 1979 this device was definitively configured and three years later it was placed on the commercial market for the first time. The CD truly revolutionized digital listening and storing all the information a person needs.

In recent years, however, such a device has really fallen into disuse. The development of new technologies has made this device fall into oblivion, which doesn’t even have the necessary appeal to be seen as an object with a vintage taste, as happens, for example, for vinyls.

In 2018, the last compact disc manufacturer in the United States also closed. A unstoppable decline for this very fashionable physical object, especially in the 80s and 90s.

Many people still have old CDs and consider changing the function of these devices. What absurd move is done with such items inside cars? Have you ever seen the presence of CDs on the windshields of cars or trucks? Here’s everything you need to know on this topic.

What happens if you place one or more compact discs behind the windshield of your car? Here are all the details

Many believe that such devices used in the past may serve a particular purpose. Among many popular beliefs circulating on the web for years, in fact, there is also the one relating to the diversified use of compact discs inside the car. What happens if you put a CD under the windshield? Here’s everything you need to know.

Windshield CDs
CD on the windshield – Motori.News

As mentioned, this is merely a popular legend. Nevertheless, many motorists still believe that placing CDs behind the windshield can help evade road cameras and speed cameras. But why do many believe in this strange thing?

The relationship between CD and speed cameras is absolutely non-existent. The presence of these devices, in fact, does not in any way affect the perfect functioning of the electronic speed control system, present on most of the Italian roads.

Speed ​​camera windshield CD
The strange custom of placing old compact discs behind the windshield of the car. Here’s everything you need to know about it – Motori.News

Placing various CDs under the windshield is part of the many tricks – completely useless – implemented by motorists to try to avoid the dreaded photo shoot of the speed camera. According to belief, in fact, the infrared rays would be intercepted and reflected by the device. A real hoax, since speed cameras are perfectly capable of being functional against any obstacle or nuisance.

The CD, therefore, does not possess any “magical” material capable of eluding the functioning of the electronic devices present on the roads. A belief that, however, makes you smile and that today circulates much less than in the past. However, many motorists and truckers still place these items under their windshields purely for aesthetic purposes.

The only way to NEVER get “caught” by speed cameras is to always respect the Highway Code, never exceeding the speed limits on a given stretch of road. This is the advice we never tire of giving people. In fact, safety must always be guaranteed, in order to never endanger one’s own life and that of other people.

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