Put the key under your chin to open the car, everyone does it – it’s very useful

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There are so many details that many motorists can miss. In fact, some moves to make may not always be clear and obvious. Some surreal beliefs are often circulated on the web, many of which do not turn out to be true. What we are talking about today, however, is a truly verifiable fact in the course of your automotive experience. We’re referring to a “strange” way to use your car key. Here are all the details on this topic.

Chin key
Car key under the chin – Motori.News

The car keys modern times are significantly different from those of the past. Before, in fact, all motorists were used to the old system of inserting the key inside the door lock. This move allowed you to unlock and lock your car as needed. Today, however, that is no longer the case.

Furthermore, the first keys needed to be placed inside the ignition lock to start the engine of your car. The modern keysin reverse, they take advantage of the Keyless Go system and allow you to open and lock the car remotely and without inserting it inside the lock. The same thing goes for starting and stopping the engine.

In fact, the motorist can safely keep his key in his pocket or bag. You can press a button on the remote control or press a button on the door. These moves will allow you to open or close your vehicle. As for the ignition, however, just press a button located near the steering wheel.

This new technology improves the practical aspect of your car experience. No more desperately searching for your keys inside your purse! If, on the other hand, you want to open the car remotely, it will be necessary to press a button on the key.

But why could it be interesting to do this gesture by placing the key under the chin? Here’s everything you need to know about this seemingly very strange look.

Place your key under your chin, that’s what happens

Almost all new generation cars have a remote opening and closing system. An aspect that allows you to manage everything even a few meters away from your car. If we have forgotten to lock the car in the parking lot, therefore, it will be possible to make this move without having to go back as in the past. But what happens if you place your key under your chin? Here is the incredible discovery.

Keyless key uncovered
If you put the key under your chin, this unexpected thing happens, here are all the details – Motori.News

Normally there aren’t many meters away from which you can manage the vehicle’s opening and closing functions. Beyond 10 meters, in fact, it is difficult to reach in some cases. However, there are tricks that can amplify electromagnetic waves.

Let’s start with how the Keyless Go system works. Low-frequency electromagnetic waves are emitted by our device and they can be received thanks to a sensor.

But what are we referring to when we talk about the discovery of a “trick” to be implemented with our key? If we place it under our chin, something very special happens. Especially in the warm months of the year, our body emits waves, according to Wien’s Law.

Basically, if you put your key under your chin, you’ll be able to amplify the propagation distance of the waves. The opening and closing of your car, therefore, can take place a few meters further away than the average. You can “exploit” your human body to better propagate electromagnetic waves. An exclusively physical law and absolutely not dangerous for our health.

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