Car, 173 euros fine if you don’t wear this while driving: don’t risk it

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When you start driving a car you have to pay attention to every little move and behavior because even simply getting out of the car in a certain way rather than another can result in very high fines.

Car, €173 fine
Car fined €173 – Motori.News

Not all those who drive vehicles, both two-wheeled and four-wheeled or heavy vehicles are informed about what can and cannot be done on the street.

Therefore, many uninformed or out-of-date users risk emptying their pockets and wallets. The first thing you must always keep in mind is that driving means be prudent and responsible both for oneself and for others.

Getting behind the wheel is a matter of responsibility, that’s why

When you get behind the wheel, you must maintain caution and attention in any context as well as obviously respect the speed limits imposed and all the prescriptions for correct circulation, in total safety.

On the motorway it happens very often to stop in parking areas, for any need, without knowing that article 162 of the highway code which dates back to 2004, also regulates this behavior where you can’t do as you please, but even in this case some fundamental rules must be respected.

Fine – Motors.News

What to wear before getting out of the car, why and what you risk if you don’t respect the law

When you get off the car on the highway, for any reason or problem, you must first of all remember that you can’t park the vehicle and then leave on foot or by other means, it is always just a stop or a momentary stop.

Then in the following place it is necessary to remember to wear a particular garment, which all passengers must have with them on the vehicle. This is the reflective life jacket that is practically mandatory.

If you don’t have a jacket with you, you can also use the orange or yellow braces signal the presence of pedestrians on the highway, especially in the evening when it is dark and visibility is poor.

Who stops on the motorway in the lay-bys for any need and not wearing the reflective life jacket risks very high fines. The fine ranges from 42 to 173 €3 but that’s not all, to which is added the deduction of 2 points from the driving licence.

In a nutshell it is a real blow both economically and otherwise because not wearing a life jacket also puts your life at risk given that on the motorway the cars they go very fast and may not be aware of the presence of pedestrians which in reality along this stretch of road shouldn’t even be present.

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