Driving license without exam, now it’s possible: many people do it

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Getting a license to drive any vehicle once you reach the required age is essential to be able to drive legally, without risking serious consequences such as a fine or seizure of the vehicle.

License without exam
Driving license without exam – Motori.News

Unfortunately we know that take the driver’s license it’s not child’s play, because spending is quite influential, so commitment, study and a lot of dedication are needed.

In order to obtain the driving licence, you must first enroll in a driving school, then follow the lessons to face the theoretical exam following which you have right to the pink sheet.

Once you have obtained the pink slip, you can try to drive the family car with a person who has an expert guide and who is under 75 years of age at your side. Finally, perform the mandatory driving with the driving school instructor then carry out the practical exam and that’s it.

How to obtain the A license and the A2 license

If you don’t want to attend driving school both to save some money and because you don’t have time, you can study from home and then try to get your driving licence. To solve all these problems, many people avoid taking it even though it is essential.

So they drive any vehicle in the hope of never being caught checking the post office by the police because in this case the consequences are more than serious. One of the licenses that we all should have is license A which allows you to drive tricycles, quadricycles, mopeds and motorcycles.

To have an A license you must be 18 years old, the cost is between 200 and 400 euros. Then you get to the A2 license with which you can drive any motorcycle with a power of less than 35 kW. In this case you must be 24 years old.

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Driving license – Motori.news

What has changed since August 5, 2022

Something has changed in the most recent period regarding these two driving documents. In particular, some small things have been changed the law passed on August 5, 2022.

According to the new legislation, if the user has already obtained the A driving licence, the A2 driving license can be obtained in a much easier way, simply through a short-term theoretical training course, at any driving school.

At the end of the course, the user has the right to have an A2 license without having to take the practical driving test and without the bureaucratic process that makes everything much longer and more difficult. In this way you have the possibility to drive any vehicle that falls into the pre-established category without risks and dangers.

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