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Traveling by car with passengers on board also means being responsible for their behaviour, because a mistake they make could mean risking hefty fines.

€550 fine
€550 fine – Motori.News

Each of us when traveling by car has habits that are sometimes trivial, sometimes even illegal if they know it are really few.

Information is the key to everything, above all because the highway code is constantly updated and does not forgive anyone. So if you are stopped by the police for a check in case of errors, you receive a fine without discounts of any kind.

The most wrong common habit ever

Among the common habits, considered wrong, we find smoking while in the car, because it is bad for both ourselves and others to those around since secondhand smoke is very dangerous.

If you are unable to quit smoking, you must at least try to respect one rule in particular, i.e. do not do it in the presence of minors, indoors, for example when in the car.

The gesture that everyone does is roll down the window to smoke in peace even in the presence of passengers. In Italy, however, there are sanctions for this too and they are quite heavy.

drive with a cigarette
Fine –

Here’s what it’s forbidden to do and what you risk if you get caught at a police checkpoint

Smoking in the car is wrong not only for health reasons but also because holding a cigarette while behind the wheel is a beautiful and good distraction, which can cause accidents.

Since 2003, a law has been in force in Italy, namely the anti-smoking law which prohibits smoking in all enclosed places and in areas close to the school. Since 2016, smoking has been prohibited even on hospital pitches.

In reality, cigarettes can be lit in the car, because the law does not forbid it, only if this does not compromise the safety of those traveling inside the vehicle. But be careful because there are restrictions that prohibit both the driver and the passengers from smoke in the presence of pregnant women or minors.

The ban is valid only for normal cigarettes and therefore not for electronic ones. If you smoke in a car in the presence of minors or pregnant women, whether it’s the driver or a passenger you risk getting a hefty fine of €550.

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