Bus tickets, nothing but €2: the price goes up again

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Today many people move on public transport or on buses, on the metro, rather than using their own car, above all considering the fact that the price of fuel has reached truly exaggerated levels.

Bus ticket
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Yet now even traveling on public transport could become excessively expensive and not exactly convenient for all motorists.

According to Codacons, following the increases in the new year, Italian families will have to spend €2,435 more.

Assoutenti publishes the data, all worrying

It’s not just spending that increases by 20 or €0.50, but also public transport tickets. Assoutenti traced the map of the price increases and considered the fact that mobility has undergone some interesting increases starting from fuel, continuing for the motorway tolls, for bus and metro tickets.

Milan will be the first to increase the cost of public transport tickets. The increases will take effect from January 9, therefore the cost of a single journey will reach €2.20, the increase will be €0.20.

In Parma, on the other hand, the increase will be €0.10, the ticket will cost from €1.50 as before to €1.60. While in Ferrara a ride previously cost €1.30, now it will cost €1.50. In Naples, however, the increase in the cost of the ticket it has already arrived for a few months and has gone from €1 to €1.20.

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Here’s how much it will cost to travel on public transport and how much the toll on the motorways will cost

The next increases will arrive in Foggia where the ticket will cost €1 starting in March, then in Rome it will go from €1.50 to €2 with an increase of 33% on the price. We move on to tolls on the arteries of the motorways for Italy which have increased by 2% starting from 1 January 2023.

But it doesn’t end there because from July 1st there will be other increases which will amount to 1.34%. So in particular to go from Rome South to Milan the price of the toll will go from 46.50 euros to 47.30, then in July it will reach 48.15 euros and therefore will increase by €1.50.

Those who instead they will move from Naples to Milan, if they spent €58.60 last year, they will now spend €59.70 while from July they will pay €60.50. To move from Bologna to Taranto from €55.10 you will pay €56.10, while from July you will pay €56.90.

2023 will therefore be the year of all-round price increases because all sectors will be affected by substantial changes. Those who have done their shopping with great difficulty up to now, will probably have to face far more dangerous problems in the coming weeks.

Many families will no longer be able to make it to the end of the month, which is why it is hoped that the Meloni government will make decisions and try to help those in needto.

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