Why do windshields have a colored stripe on them? You don’t even imagine

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Car windshields have a colored stripe on them: do you know what it’s for? Its functionality is very important.

Color stripe on the windshield
Colored stripe on the windshield – Motori.News

The windscreen it is a fundamental safety element in any type of car. Great discovery you will say, but maybe you don’t know the reason for some apparently hidden details that are nevertheless of great importance.

For example, we don’t know if you’ve ever noticed it, but the upper part of the windshield it is usually slightly colored compared to the rest. It is obviously not an aesthetic question, at least not only, but there is a very specific reason behind it that we will now discover together. And it’s not a trivial feature, trust me.

Why is the windshield of the car tinted over?

Take a look, although this feature is not found in all cars. There upper part of the windshield it features a light colored coating. At first glance it is not immediately visible, but if you try to look at it from another direction you will notice it better.

The main reason this layer is set up is, as you imagine, to protect the driver from ultraviolet rays and from the intense heat of the sun, especially during the summer season.

Sunlight and fog on the windshield
Sunlight and fog on the windshield – Motori.news

For one’s health it is never advisable to expose oneself to sunlight for a long time, especially in the hottest periods of the summer, and this system was designed to protect us as if they were literally the car sunglasses.

In reality, however, the role of this strip certainly does not stop here: they are there other valid reasons so auto manufacturers tend to install it. Let’s see them together.

The other reasons for the presence of the colored stripe on the windshield of the cars

Being a system of protection from ultraviolet rays of the sun, the presence of a colored strip allows you to reduce the light intensity of our star on the eyes. This will allow us to limit eye strain, making driving more pleasant and comfortable.

Secondly, the presence of this strip also has the function of protect the vehicle interior from the ultraviolet rays themselves: here too it is a very useful feature in the summer, especially if you are forced to leave the car in the sun for several hours a day.

Car windshield
Car windshield – Motori.news

Moreover, reduces glare produced by sunlight: we are referring in particular to that type of very strong light that can be created due to humidity perhaps after heavy rain or at sunset, also considering the perpendicularity of the sun at that time of day. Without this strip, driving would be nearly impossible.

Finally, always returning to the summer speech, A smoked windshield helps keep the cabin cool. It is clear that you shouldn’t expect to find a comfortable environment during the warmer months, nor to replace the use of air conditioning, but this part of the windshield thus created still helps to reduce the feeling of discomfort when entering the car.

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