Tragic Dakar, a spectator died: the desperation of the pilot who hit him

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An Italian spectator died yesterday during the ninth stage of the Dakar 2023. The Czech rider Ales Loprais cannot rest.

Dakar 2023 in mourning – MotoriNews

The list of mourners at the Rally Raid Dakar unfortunately it has a very long history. Since 1979, the year of its birth in Africa, this competition has all too often recorded victims. Not only among the pilots in action, but also among the mechanics and spectators. Also in the 2023 edition we have to register a deceased person, in this case one Italian spectator who was taking some photos. Under a dune, therefore invisible to passing pilots. The now former Dakar leader of trucks, who accidentally caused his death, there is no peace for what happened. Today he missed the tenth stage scheduled, so that’s it outside from the race for the final victory, but now it is the lesser problem.

Dakar, beautiful and terrible

Yesterday evening ASO, which organizes the Dakarhad issued a press release in which it was informed of the tragedy. It stated that in the course of the ninth stage a spectator of Italian origin had been involved in an accident on the rally course. The man, promptly evacuated, was then expired during the transfer to the hospital. Today we learned something more: the man’s name was Livio Sassinotti, was 69 years old and Italian. The vehicle that hit him was that of the Czech pilot Ales Lopraiswho solidly commanded this Dakar in the category truck. With him the rest of the crew, compatriots Petr Pokora and Jaroslav Valtr jr. But they knew everything hours laterin the evening, when the commissioners went to the bivouac and showed the Images of what happened to those directly concerned. Nobody had noticed anything and they tried it right away, this video recorded during the ride portrays the time frame in which theaccident.

The Dakar pilot: “It’s my fault…”

Ales Loprais, as mentioned, he cannot understand what happened. Through a video posted on his social channels, the Czech rider explained what was reported by the marshals. “Accidentally we hit a man who was taking pictures under a dunehe said sadly. “After two, three hours he felt nauseous, finally he died for a heart attack as they took him to the hospital. A human life wasted indirectly my fault, because I was driving. This incident will stay with me for the rest of my life.” Today Loprais immediately made himself available to local authorities who conduct the investigation. Stage 10 then skipped, goodbye also to the fight for the final victory of the Dakar 2023. But by now it doesn’t matter anymore for the unfortunate Czech crew.

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