New speed limit, in this city you cannot exceed 30 km/h: what a nightmare

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Respect for speed limits is the basis of responsible behavior for all motorists and motorcyclists around the world.

New speed limit
New speed limit –

There is an Italian city where from now it will no longer be possible to travel at 50 km/h but at 30km/h because the municipality has decided to change the limit imposed.

The whole city then becomes a 30km/h zone, with some small exceptions or rather the fast-flowing roads where it will be possible to continue traveling at 50 km per hour without risking fines.

What the city council of the city open to change decided

This was established by the municipal council which decided to approve the ordinance thus establishing the speed limit of 30 kilometers per hour which will come into effect on January 1 next year.

In short, a real revolution is coming to Milan, somewhat following the model launched by the city of Bologna which has long since become a city 30, attentive to the safety of pedestrians and more.

Speed ​​limit –

The data is absolutely encouraging

The project required a precise budget. The goal is to reduce road accidents to ensure that the number of deaths on the roads goes down given that in the last year there are fatal accidents have increased significantly.

In particular, the councilor of the Sala Marco Mazzei list explained that an impact between a car and a pedestrian or cyclist at 50 km/h in 100% of cases it is fatal for the walking user or on the bike, while the impact at 30 km is not lethal and there is a great probability that the consequences will be minor or even insignificant.

According to the latest research and data reported by Istat, most of the accidents that occur in Italy are caused precisely by non-compliance with the speed limits both inside and outside the city.

In 43% of cases these accidents cause deaths, while in 69% injuries. In any case, these percentages must fall quickly because many users forced to move daily for work reasons or for any other reason do not feel safe.

Throughout Europe there have been two other large cities that have set the urban time limit at 30 km per hour, we are talking about Paris and Brussels. Paris did it in August 2021 while Brussels in January of the same year.

The results obtained in 365 days in the case of Brussels were absolutely positive, so the same technique is likely to be applied to other Italian cities as well, although not all. Similar choices were also made in Zurich, Grenoble, Helsinki, Bilbao and Valencia.

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