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Heating up the car in winter is a real nightmare for all motorists in the world who find themselves having to waste a lot of time defogging the windscreen and making the passenger compartment as welcoming as possible.

Secret button

Unfortunately when the winter season arrives, especially in the high latitudes, getting into the car it is a tremendous experience, chilling in every sense.

This is why many motorists, in order to hurry, make mistakes that may seem trivial at first glance, but which can have particularly dangerous consequences over time.

Heating up the car, here’s how not to do it when temperatures are too low

In most cars, the heating works exploiting the heat emanating from the engine which is circulated through the air vents conditioning that introduce a warm air inside the vehicle that makes us feel pampered.

The problem is that if it’s so cold, for example, when temperatures are close to zero, it takes many minutes for the engine to be able to reach a certain temperature useful for heating the environment.

It can sometimes happen that you even arrive at your destination without the air having even become warm, especially if the temperature outside is just a few degrees or below zero. If the temperature is 15-20 degrees in 5 minutes the engine reaches the required degrees and therefore heats the passenger compartment without any effort or long waits.

Air conditioning on
Air conditioning on car –

Here is the secret that not everyone knows

But beware, there is something we all need to know that is, if you don’t have time and if the elderly or children have to travel in the car, you can press a secret button that solves the problem in no time.

The trick in question allows you to have hot air immediately without having to wait whole minutes for the engine to reach the right temperature. It’s all about pressing the climate control button that not only does it produce cold air, but it also manages to generate hot air.

In fact, the air conditioners of many cars also work as heat pumps, so they immediately heat up the car in an exceptional way, like the air conditioners we have at home. Except that we turn them on in the car in the summer to keep cool without considering the fact that they can also come in handy in winter.

The only precaution that we all have to pay attention to is not to overdo it and disconnect the recirculation as soon as possible, especially before getting out of the car but also when facing long journeys. Change the air to make it happen the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide is essential for health reasons.

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