Car stamp, here is the expiry date: they’ll give you a fine right away

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The car tax is one of the taxes most hated by Italians, because it is a real sting for motorists. Everyone would do without paying it but obviously no one can escape unless you want to have problems with justice.

car tax expiry
car tax expiry

The stamp unlike the insurance It’s a car ownership taxtherefore while the insurances (at least for the moment) must be paid only when the vehicle is circulating, car tax must be paid regardless.

Therefore, all those who own a car that is running or not, even if it should always remain in the garage or in the backyard, pay for it. The car exists, whether used or not, the road tax must be paid, this is what the Highway Code says in simple terms.

When to pay the car tax to avoid consequences

The car tax should be paid according to the deadlines, which, however, no Italian respects, especially not in recent years due to the crisis but also because it is an undervalued tax. There are those who pay it late as well as those who don’t pay it at all on time without even knowing the consequences.

The deadline is not the same for everyone. Change because it expires on the last day of the month following the enrollment date of the vehicle which obviously changes from car to car. That’s why there are also those who forget it. Both in the event that it should be forgotten and in the event that one should deliberately decide not to pay it, it is good to know that afterwards 3 years late there is the withdrawal of the license plate and the registration certificate. At this point there’s trouble because the car can no longer circulate and it really takes a lot of money to be brought into order. The more you delay in paying the car tax, the more the figure grows.


How to pay on time and take advantage of discounts

In order not to forget the expiry date of the stamp duty, and having the 20% discount can be paid by direct debit to the bank account or on the postal current account. It is a real facilitation that not everyone knows about but which is really convenient.

Not only does it help you remember and pay without having to leave your home, but also to save at least 20% of the total. Someone says is that not paying the stamp, or paying late has no consequences. In reality this is not the case, the more you delay the more the cost increases and if you decide not to pay you will face big trouble. That’s why it’s best to be careful.

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