Car windows, few know this function: look what happens

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The car window button is useful when we want to go up or down the window to change the air inside the passenger compartment and beyond.

window button
Window button –

Both front and back it is indispensable in any season both in summer and in winter.

As much as we can use cars daily we don’t know everythingas a result there are accessories and vehicle parts that we do not fully know.

Window button that solves a thousand inconveniences

The window button, however small it may be, has more functionality and utility. No one would ever say it but it hides some incredible functions.

In winter, the great enemy of motorists is condensation. All windows fog up due to condensation. To make sure that become clean and transparent again it’s difficult.

Driving with the windscreen, rear window and windows totally clean is essential both for compliance with the law and for safety reasons. No one should ever drive with i fogged up windows or windshield because the visibility is limited and this is a big problem.

Yet waiting minutes and minutes for the windows to clear is stressful, there is nothing worse especially if and when you are in a hurry to go to work or school. Here is the solution that no one ever expected and which, moreover, is right at hand.

Car window button
Window button –

What is the window button for and how to use it intelligently

The window button manages to defrost the ice and to remove the condensation. Just press it for a second to see the condensation disappear in an instant. The same thing can be done to defrost the rear window.

All you have to do is press the “Rear” button usually located directly on the vehicle’s dashboard. It is easy to recognize why it has 3 upward arrows drawn on it.

In 10 minutes the defrosting is finished. If the result should not be satisfying the same operation can be repeated by pressing the button once more.

If your vehicle does not have this function, you need to use a soft brush. The first thing to do is spray on de-icing solution that you can prepare at home with 1/3 water, 2/3 denatured alcohol. Sprinkle liberally, this way much less ice should form.

Then with a scraper you can remove the accumulated frost. By doing of course be careful not to damage the windshield. If you don’t want to waste time with these operations every morning, you can evaluate the idea of ​​covering the messenger with a cloth to keep the machine safe and limit the drawbacks.

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